Alfalfa King Timothy Hay

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Alfalfa King Timothy Hay

Timothy grass hay is high fibre, low protein hay perfect for chinchillas, cavies, rabbits and more mature small animals who shouldn’t have as much protein or calcium as can be found in alfalfa.

Alfalfa King is a family owned and operated company. The family farm, the Bill Hartman Ranch in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada had been quietly producing alfalfa and other grass hays since 1970: a gold crown hidden in the tall grass. We provide quality alfalfa, timothy and other grass hays for small animals. Our roots are deep like the alfalfa we have grown for over 30 years.

Our experience, our climate, our location and our process sets us apart from other small animal hay companies. We grow in a high altitude, arid desert on the Eastern slopes of the White Mountains of Western Nevada. Our hay is hand-packed with each pound scrutinized for quality and freshness. And our hay is "double" compressed, a process which takes air out while locking in freshness. About half the size and twice the value of those other hays, Alfalfa King makes premium quality priority one.

Alfalfa King's products are a culmination of three generations farming the land. As farmers, we work hard to cultivate and harvest our hay. Cutting when the plants reach a certain maturity, carefully turning the windrows of hay so it dries evenly before its baled. We know that once the hay has cured, further exposure to sunlight bleaches nutrients from the hay. The packaging standard of loose hay in a clear plastic bag provides little or no protection against ultraviolet light.

Ingredients 100% Timothy Hay. Preservative and additive free. Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein min 8.00% Crude Fat min 1.50% Crude Fiber max 32.00% Moisture max 14.00%