Canine Tribute Algen Control Fish & Potato for Maintenance Dry Dog Food

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Canine Tribute Algen Control Fish & Potato for Maintenance Dry Dog Food

(900gm x 3)

For an adult dog to receive a well balance diet is essential. To ensure the dog receives the nutrition that it needs, Canine Tribute includes;
•Herbs (Chamomile * Rosemary): Due to the pollution and stress of city-life, herbs (Chamomile * Rosemary) are infuse into the formulation to help strengthen their immune system, detoxify and anti-stress purposes.
•Flat Kibble: Easy-to-eat kibble shape which the dog can eat without too much trouble.
•Collagen * Omega-3 Fatty Acids: A source of DHA*EPA, for a healthy and lush, skin & coat.
•Lactobacillus (EC-12)* Oligosaccharides: Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system, a healthy digestive system = firmer stool, also a healthy digestive system = better odour control. A healthy digestive system = better adsorption of nutrition which helps to maintain health of the dog.
•Heat-resistant Vitamin C: Helps to promote a healthy immune system and plays a role as antioxidants for the dog.

The delicious taste of tuna meat, is irresistible. Made with real 'Never-frozen' raw Tuna.

Guaranteed Analysis

•Crude Protein – More than 23.0%
•Crude Fat – More than 9.5%
•Crude Fibre – Less than 3.5%
•Ash – Less than 9.5%
•Moisture – Less than 10%
•Calcium – More than 1.0%
•Phosphorus – More than 0.8%
•Vitamin A – More than 11,000IU/Kg
•Vitamin D – More than 1,100IU/Kg
•Vitamin E – More than 200IU/Kg
•Metabolic Energy: More than 330Kcal/100g
Ingredients :Rice bran, rice flour, potato(potato protein, sweet potato), Tuna, fish meal, animal fats, egg yolk powder, yeast extract, purified fish oil (DHA, EPA source), plant enzyme, oligosaccharides, collagen, dried chamomile, dried rosemary, latcobacillus, copper chlorophyll, Calcium iodate, minerals(dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, salt, potassium choride, zinc sulfate, Calcium iodate, copper sulfate), Acidulant(Citric acid), vitamins(A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, choline choride, Calcium D-Pantothenic acid, Nicotinic Acid, D-Biotin, Folic Acid), flavoring