Cardinal Housebreaking Aid for Dog

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Cardinal Housebreaking Aid for Dog

Training your dog to potty in the right place takes time and a focused commitment by the pet parent.

Puppies are generally trained indoors on puppy pads or newspaper and moved outdoors when they’re old enough.

An outdoor potty, a specific a location in the yard, is generally the most desirable but there are cases when we teach our dogs to potty in an indoor unit.

The trick to getting pets to potty properly is incentivizing the area. What makes a spot attractive to a dog?

Smell, which is lured by a scent is the powerful tool that gets a dog’s attention, which is why incentive drops have become a popular tool for pet owners.

The scent is actually highly concentrated urine, usually from tigers. Surprisingly to most of us, this scent is very alluring to dogs.

Drops are always preferable to sprays because you don’t want the scent spread over a large area, you want it concentrated in the spot you designate.

Gold medal Pets Housebreaking Aid is an incentive drop designed to entice your dog to potty wherever it is applied. A powerful formula designed with a dog’s nose in mind, this housebreaking aid allows you to pre-designate an area for your dog to potty in. It sticks to any surface applied to, from concrete to grass, so be careful where you apply it.

The attraction drop works best in coordination with the efforts of the pet parent; diligently freshening the drop each day and taking the pet to the desired spot right before elimination. Then, wait for them to take care of business. If they don’t, regularly return to the area until the dog eliminates properly. Follow up with lots of praise!

Always keep safety in mind

Be sure to keep the bottle of drops up and out of reach. Residue on the bottle could accumulate and guide your dog to potty in any area it came in contact with. If you accidentally get Housebreaking Aid drops on the wrong spot, due to dropping the bottle or moving their potty location, use an enzyme based odor -eliminator, like Cardinal’s Pheromone Magic, to clean up so your dog won’t mistake the wrong spot.

Guiding your dog to potty in the right place is so much easier with Gold Medal Pets Housebreaking Aid. A practical technique is to place the drops on a spot your pet is already used to, such as a training pad or newspaper. When your pet’s trained to a specific spot and you want to move the training area, simply move the puppy pad or newspapers to the final location. If it’s outside, continue using the pad or newspaper for a couple days, then eliminate the pad and put the drops right on the ground where you want them to eliminate. This will motivate the dog to relocate their potty duties to the new location because the scent is familiar to them.

In situations such as an indoor potty unit, moving from the outside to inside environment can prove a unique challenge. Units like the Porch Potty utilize a fire hydrant as a visual stimulus, much like the bulls-eye on a target. This allows you to drop it on the hydrant to encourage potty usage without having to wash it away frequently during indoor potty maintenance.

Training incentives come in all forms, from handy techniques to engineered tools that entice your dog to learn the right and wrong of their home. Gold Medal Pets has created a quality Housebreaking Aid that can make your dog’s potty training simpler and speedier so you can get back to enjoying the companionship of your new friend.

For puppies above 8 weeks