Ceva Feliway Plug In Pheromone Diffuser for Cats

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Ceva Feliway Plug In Pheromone Diffuser for Cats

Create a state of security and familiarity to help your cat cope with a new environment with Feliway Electric Diffuser for Cats.
Feliway is a feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calmness relieving pet stress.
Using pheromonatherapy to help soothe your pet is a new field in veterinary medicine.

Feliway is designed especially for cats of all ages, it is suitable for long-term usage and can be used as a preventive measure in new environments or against spraying and scratching. It is not a sedative and has no effect on people or other animals, and it also does not leave any marks or stains hence it is completely safe to use.
Feliway creates a reassuring environment calming your cat and stopping such problems as scratching, excessive grooming, urine spraying, restoring your cats health and happiness.

Features of Feliway
This fantastic new Feliway Electric Pheromone Diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands.
Oil vapour carrying the pheromone will rise in a column of warm air above the diffuser and prevent your kitty from urinating to mark its territory.
By mimicking the cat’s natural facial pheromones, Feliway creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat’s local environment.

Benefits of Using Feliway
― Manage stress-related behaviours in cats such as:
Urine spraying and vertical scratching
Tension in multi-cat households

― Comfort cats in difficult situations such as:
Adoption (bringing new cat home for the first time)
Moving house, vacations, boarding
Remodelling / renovations
Noisy environment

Product comes with one non-flammable plastic diffuser and one 48ml pheromone vial.
One Feliway Diffuser unit will cover 50-70 sq.m. of space and one 48ml vial will lasts roughly up to 30 days.

Remove the vial cap, crew it onto the diffuser and gently tighten.
Simply plug the diffuser into a socket in the room where your cat is marking or where it spends most of its time.
Once plugged in the diffuser immediately starts to distribute the pheromones in the circulating air.
For best results, leave the Feliway Diffuser plugged in for at least 4 weeks.

* Ideally you should start to use Feliway about 1 week prior to any event which may stress your cat. You should continue to use it for at least 4 weeks after the event.
* Make sure when plugging the Feliway Diffuser in, that the vial is beneath the diffuser.
* Make sure that the diffuser is not covered by furniture or curtains, as this can run the risk of building up blockages, which may prevent the pheromones from dispersing in the room properly.
*Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture.
* If yout cat continues or starts to mark while the Feliway Diffuser is plugged in, please do not punish or tell your cat off. This will only stress your pet out even more. It will take some time for your cat's behaviour to change.
* Always consult your vet if your cat is still showing persistent signs of stress. Your cat's problem may be of a clinical origin and may require further treatment.

F3 fraction of synthetic feline facial pheromone analogue ― 2%
Excipients q.s ― 100g