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FerPlast Malibu Dog Cat Carrier Bags

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FerPlast Malibu Dog Cat Carrier Bags

Malibù is a colourful and large bag for carrying dogs and cats; very versatile, can be used both as a shoulder bag and hand bag ensuring to your animal a comfortable and safe trip. Entirely made of nylon with strong handles, reinforced in the central part, it can be hold in a safe way and is proposed in three different colours: light blue, light green and pink.

In the lower part, the soft carrier for dogs and cats Malibù has some very useful central holes to ensure a correct internal ventilation. The bottom of the bag is rigid and equipped with an internal support to ensure great toughness.

In the upper part, besides, Malibù has a solid seal you could open, when needed, thanks to some practical zip fasteners.

Very nice and fashionable, Malibù is excellent as a carrier for cats and small-sized dogs; when not used, anyway, this is a beautiful accessory for the shopping in the centre or when walking your animal, useful to keep all the necessary for your pet.

* Fabric carrier for dogs and cats
* Sturdy handles, usable both as a hand bag and a shoulder bag
* Great solidity, internal ventilation ensured by suitable holes
* Ideal for short trips when you have to bring with your cats or small dogs
* A colourful and fashionable accessory which can be used in different ways

Product Dimensions L33cm X W21.5cm X H24cm

Product Material Mainly cotton fabric