FuzzYard Collar (1983) for Dogs Pets

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FuzzYard Collar (1983) for Dogs Pets

This '80's themed collar design will look pop-pop-poppin on any dog!

1983 is a sturdy and stylish dog collar available in 3 adjustable sizes.

* Safety lock on buckle
* Nylon webbing
* Please measure your dog’s neck in order to determine the appropriate size
* Suited for all life stages

Specification :

Small: 25-38cm (9.8-14.9 inch) / width – 15mm

Medium: 32-50cm (12.5-19.6 inch) / width – 20mm

Large: 50-65cm (19.6-25.5 inch) / width – 25mm

Material: Nylon webbing and features a safety lock on the buckle to help ensure security whilst out and about.