Neuolac Nucleotide Diet Dog Food

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Neuolac Nucleotide Diet Dog Food

Neuolac is a pure Nucleotide diet that is made up of 20000ppm of nucleotides, or 20kg of pure nucleotides per MT.
Nucleotide diets are often used by veterinarians to help recovery in dogs during sickness and post-­‐surgery.

The use of nucleotides in dogs have been widely researched and documented and it is an important ingredient for the
building of DNA and RNA for cell division.

Promotes cellular health. Aids sickness and post surgery recovery. Suitable for all stages. Complete Nutritional Coverage

Ingredients : Purified RNA-­‐Nucleotides, Soy protein concentrate, Jasmine rice, Sunflower seeds, Wheat protein, Soybean oil, Palm oil, Garlic, Turmeric, Yucca,
Chicory, Multi vitamins, Inorganic and organic minerals, Amino acids, prebiotics, Natural flavours and appetizers, Vitamin E and C as natural anti oxidants