Raw Rawr Frozen Balanced Salmon Diet Dog Food

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Raw Rawr Frozen Balanced Salmon Diet Dog Food

What you see is what you get for Raw Rawr. Nothing more. Raw Rawr do not put unnecessary additives or ingredients in the food because raw feeding should Pure, Clean and Simple. After all, you are choosing a raw diet for your dog or cat because it is wholesome, nutritious, unadulterated food. That is the key benefit of feeding a raw diet.

Raw Rawr pet foods gives you the control to decide what you want to add into your dog or cat’s raw diet. Some doggies are allergic to certain ingredients so we keep our food as pure as possible. Raw feeding should be easy and convenient and the ingredients should not have indecipherable names that confuses the owner. If there are so many synthetic ingredients added to the food, then it is the same as many processed foods out there.

Raw Rawr does not need to be HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization). HPP is a controversial process and have been debated many times in the raw food community. Although HPP extends the product’s shelf life by killing the potentially harmful bacteria, it also destroys all the friendly organisms that exists in raw food. These beneficial organisms are full of enzymes, they help keep colonies of pathogenic bacteria from multiplying quickly. Once these friendly bacteria are destroyed during the HPP process, there is nothing to keep the bad bacteria from growing out of control if the product is re-contaminated during manufacturing or customer handling. HPP turns raw food into processed food killing all the good and bad bacteria hence the manufacturer’s need to add in all the other ingredients (usually, synthetic vitamins and minerals) to “balance” the diet.

We do not see the need for Raw Rawr to undergo the HPP process because all our ingredients undergo strict testing protocols and handled properly. All Raw Rawr products from the raw frozen is kept in a -20 degreesC cold room and all freeze dried products are kept in a temperature controlled environment at all times.

We are committed to keeping Raw Rawr safe and as natural as possible for pet owners because, we too, are also raw feeders and feed the same food. We will never recommend or sell any product to your dogs or cats if we don’t use them ourselves. This is our commitment and promise to all our customers.
Ingredients : Salmon, Broccoli, Red and Green Cabbage, cauliflower, Pumpkin, Red and Green Apples