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Wag Kangaroo Cubes Organic Dog Treats

Kangaroo Cubes are a soft treat that is great on both puppies' and seniors' teeth! Due to its small size, it is a wonderful natural training treat. It is a lean meat and comes from free range Kangaroos. It is a high in protein and low in fat treat. Kangaroo is high in Omega-3 which means it is a treat that is healthy for the heart. As it is a Kangaroo product, it is easy on the tummy for pups with allergies to common proteins like Beef or Chicken.

* This is a single ingredient treat - just healthy meat for your pup and that's it!
* As Kangaroo is a unique protein, it has many hypoallergenic properties compared to common allergen proteins like Beef or Chicken
* This WAG treat has no grains, wheat, soy, corn or fillers! 100% meat, 100% goodness!

Weight: Approximately 15g - 25g
Size: Approximately 10cm - 15cm long

Ingredients :

100% Kangaroo Lung

Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein (Min.): 80.0%, Crude Fat (Min.): 2.0% Moisture (Max.): 12.0%