VitaKraft Emotion Kracker Fruit Hamster Snack

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VitaKraft Emotion Kracker Fruit Hamster Snack

Emotion® Kräckers® are best taste and value for animals in one! For the crispy breadsticks contain - like all Emotion® staple food - . The unique TriVita®-Complex, the innovative Plus for a lively and healthy hamsters life by veterinarians and rodent experts develops! Fruity grain mixture is specially designed for hamsters and triple baked on Knabberholz - The animal has to work out his food himself. For appropriate work and extra long crispy fit!

TriVita®-Complex: With DHA from marine algae Emotion® contains one of the finest and most biologically active omega-3 fatty acid, important for heart function, brain and immune system. Prebiotic Inulin supports a healthy intestinal flora and optimal digestion. The balance of essential amino acids also guarantees a high biological value. For a good life!

For hamsters
* + Date & Apricot
* With precious vitamins
* 3-baked on nibbler wood
* Sugar free recipe
* Contents: 2 pieces
* Flavorfully packaged

Ingredients: Cereals fruits 9.8% (dates, dried 3.3%, apricot, dried 1.6%) Vegetable by-products minerals Inulin 0.16% honey algae oils and fats

Nutritional Additives: 3a672b, Vitamin A 6600 IU E671, Vitamin D3 660 IU