VitaKraft Life Dream Guinea Pig Food

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VitaKraft Life Dream Guinea Pig Food

This fruity pampering blend of many delicious ingredients for your guinea pig is not only a unique experience of taste and smell - it also includes an active immune complex to strengthen the defences! The tasty mix with oranges, grapes and apples contains essential vitamins and minerals, and a healthy amount of fiber for optimal tooth abrasion and a light and healthy digestion. A dream for your animals!
•With vegetables and fruit
•Contains no grains - ideal for food sensitive animals
•With essential vitamins and minerals
•Tasty Flavour: aromatic fragrance With
•With immune-active complex
•Complex with anti-odour
•Healthy amount of crude fiber
•Sugar-free Recipe
•Without preservatives

Ingredients: Vegetable by-products (grape seed flour 1%), Grain, Vegetables, Fruits (apple juice concentrate 1%, orange juice concentrate 1%), Minerals, Oils and fats, Yucca extract Shidigera 0.03%, Yeasts. Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A (E672) 6100 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 730 IU, Vitamin C 369 mg, Selenium (E8) 0:27 mg, Iron (E1) 235.65 mg, Iodine (E2) 0:27 mg, Copper (E4) 9.70 mg, Manganese (E5) 37.00 mg, Zinc (E6) 37.00 mg Technological additives: E568 Klinoptiolith 6062.85 mg