VitaKraft Life Power Guinea Pig Food

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VitaKraft Life Power Guinea Pig Food

This gourmet blend of many delicious ingredients will surely delight your guinea pigs.?The delicious mix of valuable wheat germ, fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals and makes for a unique taste and smell experience. With apples for extra serving of healthy vitamin C, beetroot as a supplier of energy and trace elements as well as valuable alfalfa for digestive and dental abrasion. Power and fitness in the food bowl!

•With wheat germ, alfalfa, vegetables and fruit
•With essential vitamins and minerals
•Tasty Flavour: aromatic fragrance With
•Complex with anti-odor
•Healthy amount of crude fiber
•Sugar-free Recipe
•Free from artificial colors
•Without preservatives

Ingredients: Cereals (wheat germ 0.23%), Vegetable by-products ( alfalfa 15%), Vegetables 5.5% (4.2% beetroot), Fruits (apple, dried 4%), Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetable protein extracts, Honey.

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A (E672) 8657 IU, Vitamin D3 (E671) 908 IU, Vitamin C 268 mg, Selenium (E8) 0.034 mg, Iron (E1) 21.70 mg, Iodine (E2) 0:07 mg, Copper (E4) 3:16 mg, Manganese (E5) 10:31 mg, Zinc (E6) 11.65 mg, Cobalt (E3) 0:01 mg