Zeal Seafod Risotto Soft Dry Dog Food

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Zeal Seafood Risotto Soft Dry Dog Food

A fully compounded steam extruded and dried dog food with a soft, chewy texture. This product is suitable as a complete food for dogs and is designed to exceed AAFCO recommendations.

This product has been developed as a complete and balanced food for dogs. It is designed to meet the nutritional profile for growth (puppies) and Adult Maintenance.

Like all Zeal products, Zeal Dry Food is beneficial to a dog’s health, but it is also different from what’s out in the market. With the help of a well respected and renowned nutritionist, we developed a food that exceeds AFFCO standards, has natural ingredients (including real meat and bone), is shelf stable, and above all, is semi-soft yet dry (note: all dry food in the market is hard dry). It has been developed to be New Zealand’s premium food for dogs.

The protein is 90% animal based, is rich in fish oil and contains prebiotics for overall health. It is low allergen and gluten free. What that means for your pet is a food that sharpens intellect, gives them a healthier heart and is great for skin and coat health, joint flexibility, strength and vitality, and supports immunity.
Ingredients : Mix of Seafood, Rice, Chicken, Tapioca, Vegetable Glycerine, Yeast, Vitamins & Minerals (including Bentonite), Vegetable Oil, Fish Oil, Food Acid, Lecithin, Plant Fibre, Potassium Sorbate, Herb Extracts (Garlic, Oregano, Stevia), antioxidant (Vitamins C & E).