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10 Pet Friendly Eating Places in Singapore

10 Pet Friendly Eating Places in Singapore

10 Pet Friendly Eating Places in Singapore

As much as we would love to bring our pets wherever we go or whenever we dine out, not all restaurants and other dining establishments allow pets to be brought inside their premises. Even those with outdoor areas don't easily allow pets to join their owners while they dine in.

We took a look to write this blog on some places that we found are pet friendly (we took the liberty of looking at places that were from the ones mentioned).

Restaurants, cafes and other eating outlets across the country are now more open and hear the call for pet-friendly eating places. If you don't know where to start, here are our 10 pet-friendly eating places you can go to with your pet:

1. Huggs Collective At Maxwell Rd

Huggs is one of Singapore's most loved speciality coffee shops with several branches in the CBD. Their largest branch, named Huggs Collective at Maxwell, has 3000 square feet of space with a members lounge, collaborative space for various brands, an arena for events and an outdoor seating area where pets can play as you eat.

2. Interim Cafe In Sentosa

If you find yourself in the Sentosa area, you may love to dine at the Interim Cafe. This cafe is open during the weekends and features six different restaurant brands. It has an industrial style- alfresco and indoor dining options, which is perfect if you have your pets along for your trip.

3. The Garden Slug, Telok Kurau

Considered one of the oldest cafes in Singapore, The Garden Slug offers Western-fusion comfort food that is good for sharing. You and your pets will also enjoy the cafe's environment because it is next to a plant shop that gives the place a relaxed ambience. Many pet owners also love visiting The Garden Slug because they can let their pets socialise with other pets and make new friends.

4. Hub And Spoke In Changi

Changi Airport has a lot of hidden cafes for cyclists (And their pets), and one of them is Hub and Spoke Cafe. The cafe located at the airport connector has both indoor and outdoor seating with a colonial-style theme made vibrant by sunlight during the mornings. They offer affordable breakfast, brunch and snack options.

5. Jin Yu Man Tang At The Flow (East Coast Road)

Dessert lovers will be in heaven when you check out Jin Yu Man Tang at the Flow. The shop is known for offering 100 Hong Kong style-desserts, from milk pudding to jelly. They also have savoury snacks in case sweets are not your fancy, such as Hong Kong Style Curry Fish Ball and Soya Sauce Chee Cheong Fun. Nothing as sweet as spending an afternoon with your doggie.

6. Tomahawk Steakhouse At Novena Garden

Are you a wagyu connoisseur and want to bring your pets along? Tomahawk Steakhouse at Novena Garden prides itself on having the widest variety of wagyu tomahawk and steak in the country and being the only pet-friendly premium steakhouse in the country. The food prices are mid-range, and you get to have your steak brought to you on your table with a little bit of theatrics.

7. Super Loco At Robertson Quay

Located next to the Singapore River in the neighborhood of Robertson Quay, Super Loco offers Mexican cuisine to locals and tourists. The restaurant has an open-air dining space filled with streat posters and Mexican displace. Whether you want a hearty brunch or dinner with your family and pets, you can find something in the cocina. They also offer specials if you're going to try out signature Mexican dishes you can't find anywhere else.

8. Gallop Bistro At Pasir Ris Park

Gallop Bistro is a hidden gem at Pasir Ris Park that you and your pets can visit for great food and a wonderful bonding experience. Established in 2020, the restaurant offers comfort foods you can enjoy with the whole family. While waiting, you can enjoy the mangrove nature walk trail or the Pasir Ris Beach with your pets or look at the various wildlife that makes an appearance every once in a while at the bistro.

9. Mylo Gardens By The Bay

Need a sugar rush after enjoying the sights around Gardens By the Bay with your pet? Mylo's is located at the Active Garden, one of the site's newest outdoor spaces, where the running and cycling path to Marina Bay Sands is located. The cafe has alfresco and indoor dining areas and offers a great selection of gelato flavours, from Alphonso Mango to Gin Tonic, as well as various pastries. You can even get dog treats for your pet in the cafe, which they can enjoy after your stroll.

10. Under Der Linden

Finally, if you are a pawrent who loves anything European and have lots of opportunities for photos, Under Der Linden is the cafe-restaurant to visit. While it is not located in a popular neighborhood, it has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, a private event hall, a fine dining restaurant and an in-house florist all under one roof. You can bring your pets to either dining area and let them explore as you enjoy the rustic European ambience and offerings.

As a pet owner in Singapore, you don't have to leave your pet behind on your next dine out because there are places where you can bring them along. Check which of these ten catches your fancy and build new experiences with your pet.

P.S. The list of eating places are by far more than we could list. We do not have any association with the places mentioned in this article.

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