MaxxiPaws MaxxiUtract Supplement for Cats

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MaxxiPaws MaxxiUtract Supplement for Cats 

A urinary tract infection (UTI) makes urination painful for our cats and you want to do everything you can to prevent your cat getting it. maxxiUtract can help you with exactly that.

The carefully chosen ingredients in maxxiUtract nurture and support the cat’s whole urinary system, reducing the risk of urinary problems and preventing UTI recurrence.
maxxiUtract is an effective natural way to care for your beloved cat’s urinary health.
Urinary & bladder support for cats. Naturally nurtures and cares for the whole of your cat’s urinary system.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is painful for humans and cats alike. The aching, urgent feeling of needing to go right now and then only dribbling out a tiny bit of urine can be incredibly uncomfortable and can lead to serious medical problems if left untreated. MaxxiUtract helps you to care for your cat’s urinary health. The carefully selected active ingredients support both the urinary tract and bladder function, allowing your cat to happily carry on with their vital basic needs.

Treating UTI is important
Urinary tract infections and urinary tract stones are unfortunately common in cats.
It is important to see a Vet if you suspect your cat may be having any urinary issues. The Vet will run the necessary tests and decide on a treatment, most likely antibiotics if the diagnosis is UTI (the current standard of care for uncomplicated UTI in cats).
Antibiotics tend to be an effective way of treating urinary tract infection. However, UTI frequently recurs. Because of the risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it is very important to try to prevent the recurrence of UTI in cats. maxxiUtract can help you with exactly that.

Preventing recurrence of UTI is just as important
Cats with a predisposition to UTI require continued vigilance to prevent recurrence. The carefully chosen natural ingredients in maxxiUtract nurture and support the urinary tract tissues and have a soothing effect on the urinary tract. They also have a diuretic effect and may help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection in cats. Last but not least they are an effective natural way of preventing UTI recurrence.
maxxiUtract is also high in antioxidants which help to neutralise free radicals and has anti-inflammatory properties that aid with existing urinary tract inflammation. While healthy urination helps with bladder control and incontinence.

Ingredients (per Scoop 1g):
D-Mannose 160mg, Cranberry Berry Extract 150mg, Pumpkin Extract (seed) 150mg, Silica 61mg, Cornsilk 10mg, Magnesium 5.4mg, Pyridoxine-Vitamin B6 1.1mg, Riboflavin 1.1mg