Underdog Crocodile Air Dried Dog Pet Treats

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Underdog Crocodile Air Dried Dog Pet Treats

Once your pet gets a taste, even the crackle of the bag will bring them running.

Founded with the belief that pets are family, Underdog is committed to giving pets a high quality of life by providing them with natural, wholesome foods.

Our commitment to quality means using the best cuts of meat, and avoiding all artificial flavours, colours and preservatives to retain crucial nutrients.

So brace yourselves for the bounding, tail-wagging joy that these treats will inspire - and rest assured that you're rewarding your beloved pets with the very best.

These thinly sliced nutrient dense treats is best enjoyed as part of a balanced and varied diet. They're perfect for snacks, rewards, training tools, and just everyday treats.

Ingredients : Crocodile Flank Steak

Guaranteed Analysis : Protein(min): 82%, Fat(min): 5%, Fibre(max) 3%, Moisture(max) 5% This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.