2 FOR $10: Unicharm Dog Diaper Trial Pack (Male)

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2 FOR $10: Unicharm Dog Diaper Trial Pack (Male) 

Consists of 4 diapers per pack.

Unicharm Dog Diaper Trial Pack consists of 4 diapers that stay securely in position even when your dog is moving around, making diaper-wearing effortless!

With its breathable design and gentle fit, Unicharm Dog Diaper gives your dog comfort with soft touch materials, preventing feeling stiff and stuffy.

Unicharm Dog Diaper has a strong absorption of up to 6 hours of urine, and with a fashionable design, it makes your walks worry-free and stylish.

Its “easy-on, easy-off” velcro tape makes Unicharm Dog Diaper quick and easy to put on, especially for busy dog owners who are strapped for time.

Unicharm Dog Diaper (Female) is similar to a belly band in shape and design; unlike normal cloth belly bands, you will not need to worry about leaks and spills.