Furment Skin Spray for Dogs & Cats

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Furment Skin Spray for Dogs & Cats

FURMENT is an array of functional postbiotics supplements generated from science-based microbial fermentation to enhance health of pet microbiome.

Formulated by Miiiome Technology, FURMENT is available in the form of oral supplements and topical application to promote healthy gut microbiome and
healthy skin microbiome of companion animals. 

Features : 

* Suitable for all skin conditions

* Especially helpful for atopic dermatitis i.e. yeast/fungal/ bacterial infections, as well as to maintain healthy skin and coat

* Naturally moisturises and protects skin

* Restores healthy skin microbiome

* Promotes healing

* No refrigeration needed

Ingredients : Active Ingredients:Proprietary blend of fermented Lactobacillus products (Postbiotics of Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus reuteri). Coconut Oil, glycerine and surfactant.


Shake well and spray on affected areas. Massage thoroughly into skin and coat. May be repeated throughout the day as needed.

For external use only

Safe to lick off

DO NOT spray into pets eyes, ears or any open cuts or wounds

Keep out of reach of children