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Artero Cosmetics Aurigel Pet Ear Cleaner

by Artero
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Artero Cosmetics Aurigel Pet Ear Cleaner

Artero Cosmetics Aurigel is designed specifically for hassle-free ear cleaning whenever needed.

Artero Cosmetics Aurigel comes in a gel form that quickly turns to liquid when in contact with the skin to remove and eliminate wax and dirt found in the ears effectively.

Designed as a gentle formula, Artero Cosmetics Aurigel cleanses your pet’s ears effectively without altering its skin’s balance. Tea-tree oil is found in Artero Cosmetics Aurigel which helps with disinfecting the ears acts as an decongestant for clean and healthy ears.

To use Artero Cosmetics Aurigel, simply pump a sufficient amount onto a gauze and start cleaning your pet’s ear gently.

Artero is a professional hairdressing brand from Spain that spans over four family generations with over 100 years of history. Founded in 1909, Artero specialises in both human hairdressing and pet grooming tools; Artero is a popular brand with professional show dog groomers.

Suitable For For cats and dogs of all breeds

For cats and dogs

Gel based ear cleanser

Effectively eliminates dirt and wax

Enriched with tea-tree oil

Disinfects and decongests ears