Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding And Litter

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Back 2 Nature Small Animal Bedding And Litter

Cellulose fibres are compressed into pellets and submitted to a drying phase which exposes the product to temperatures in excess of 150 degrees Celsius. No Additives are used in the manufacturing process.
-Superior Odor-absorbency
-Ultra Lightweight
-High Surface Area
-Soiled area can be scooped and flushed down the toilet
-Virtually dust-free
-Highly Absorbent
-Economical, longer lasting
-Light and easy to handle
-Suitable for mammals, reptiles, rodents and birds
-Soft, will not crush and mark floors
-Makes ideal garden mulch

Small animals simply love Back 2 Nature Animal Bedding & Litter as it keeps them from dust as it does not break down when wet. It keeps them from pine oil that may be harmful to small animals

A natural safe product to improve your pet's quality of life as well as benefit pet owners. Made by Fibrecycle Pty Ltd, a paper recycling company from Australia, Back-2-Nature is made entirely from recycled paper with absolutely no chemicals added. It is a natural organic product that has superior odour control capabilities. Back-2-Nature is the ideal litter rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, mice, gerbils, reptiles, and in fact for all terrestrial animals where waste and odour control is an issue.