Bio Chum Bio Active Stain & Odor Remover

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Bio Chum Bio Active Stain & Odor Remover

This proprietary organic formula with enzyme producing microbes is scientifically formulated. Once applied, billions of powerful bacteria aggressively attack organic waste, eliminating the source of odors. It is excellent for deodorizing kennels, patio floors and dog houses. It effectively removes stains and odors in both household and auto carpets and upholstery. It removes urine, blood, vomit, fecal matter and other organic stains and odors.

Proprietary spore systems and vigorous enzyme production breaks down stains and odors naturally & effectively and performs consistently. No harsh chemicals. No dangerous toxins. Safe to use. Safe for the environment.

* Non-toxic

* Biodegradable & environmental friendly

* Safe for pets and human

* No harsh chemicals

* Refreshing spring mint scent

Active Ingredients : Organic formula with enzymes.

Note : Do not transfer solution into spray bottle as the spraying pressure will break the bacteria spores which will affect the effectiveness of the product. For optimal results, squirt or pour solution at affected area. Test for color fastness on surface before using.

Not suitable for 1) light colored marble flooring due to its porous nature, the liquid might cause discoloration when the product seeps in. 2) Wooden/ parquet flooring May irritate eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. If swallowed, drink several glasses of water, induce vomiting and obtain medical assistance. Keep out of reach of children.