Dermoscent Cicafolia®

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Dermoscent Cicafolia®

Repairing skin care for altered skin

Cicafolia® supports the skin integrity of weakened skin in dogs and cats. This gel-serum repairs, purifies and creates an environment that enables to stimulate the regeneration of skin. Thanks to its ‘smart patch effect,

Cicafolia® creates a transparent non-occlusive film on the surface of the skin, hence protecting the damaged area. It does not sting, and its bitter flavour discourages the animals to lick it off.


Directions for use Cleanse the damaged area, and then apply the product directly on the skin, at least 2 times a day. Use as long as necessary, until the restoration of the skin surface is completed.

Ingredients Cicafolia® has been developed with remarkable active ingredients: regenerating silicon, peptides reinforcing the cellular cohesion, purifying red logwood of the Amazone anda soothing rice extract .


 Cicafolia® is ideal for weakened skin, superficial lesions and skin with scars of which the healing is slow or difficult

 The ‘smart patch‘ technology (intelligent dressing) is adapted to animals who are turbulent. Cicafolia® efficiently protects the animal without obstructing its movements

 For skin that has recent scars, do not forget to apply SunFREE, a highly protective moisturising sunscreen (SPF30+), in case of prolonged exposure to the sun