Dermoscent Keravita®

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Dermoscent Keravita®

Food supplement for the skin protection and the quality of appendages Based on three active ingredients; phytokeratin, bamboo extract and oligo-vitaminic complex; Keravita® restores the shine and vitality of the coat of dogs and cats, it reinforces the claws and it helps to reduce the loss of hair. In palatable and chewable tablets with a designed divisibility, Keravita® is very easy to use.. Keravita® is consistent with the animal’s diet, since it contains less than 3 kilocalories per tablet.

Directions for use Give once daily according to animal’s weight following the usage recommendations below. To achieve an optimal result, it is recommended to use Keravita® in a regular and continuous way. The palatable and chewable tablets can be given separately or easily mixed with regular food. 0-10 kg: ½ tablet per day 10-20 kg: 1 tablet per day 20-40 kg: 2 tablets per day


Keravita® contains phytokeratin (keratin of natural origin extracted from wheat and millet), rich in sulphur amino acids (cystine and methionine), for the targeted effect on the structure of the hairs and claws. Keratin is a protein, and a natural constituent of hairs and claws.

Keravita® also contains bamboo extract, rich in silica with remineralizing properties, as well as a nourishing vitaminic complex (vitamins B5, B8 (biotin), B3, B6 and E), combined with the trace element zinc.


 Keravita® is essential during the moulting periods, or throughout the year, for animals that are weakened by difficult environmental conditions (atmosphere with high temperatures, stress, etc…)

 Keravita® is recommended after gestation/lactation periods to restore the quality of the coat and claws suffering from damage or devitalisation, without shine, etc.

 Keravita® is the ideal product to prepare for competitions and shows

 Keravita® is perfectly applicable in other cases where excessive loss of hair or degradation of the hairs occurs: deficiency, for instance caused by a nutritional imbalance, chemotherapy, skin disorders accompanied by itching (broken hairs due to scratching/licking) etc.