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Ferplast Bella Cat Litter Hooded Tray

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Ferplast Bella Cat Litter Hooded Tray

Bella is a comfortable litter box for cats, with rounded shapes and extra-deep bottom for extra comfort and to keep litter from spilling out.
Made of thermoplastic resin, Bella Restyling is equipped with active carbon filters. The filters are also available for sale separately. When no longer effective, you can buy new ones and replace the used filters in the upper part of the box.
This new litter box has a door and a plastic handle for easy transportation. It opens completely: a breeze to clean inside and to replace soiled sand.
Bella Restyling is suitable for cats used to domestic life, obedient and particularly attached to a spot in the house where they're used to going potty.

Size -

47 x 43.5 x 37 h cm for Nip 10