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Green Kat Recycle Paper Cat Litter

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Green Kat Recycle Paper Cat Litter

Green Kat cat litter is a wonderful choice for your cat litter because it is created using recycled newspaper. You can feel good about using this cat litter, knowing that you are providing your cat with highly absorbent litter pellets, and doing good for the environment at the same time.

If you are used to using regular cat litter, then you will soon see that there are a huge number of advantages to using Green Kat recycled paper cat litter. This cat litter is made from a special process that converts waste newspaper into highly absorbent pellets that your cat will love and will make less of a mess for you to clean up. Fluids are drawn into the paper and the fibers create their own barrier that produces less odor.

This is a cat litter that is completely natural and has no additives or chemicals of any kind. You can feel great knowing that it is ecologically friendly. It is also 100% biodegradable and you can recycle it, but besides the environmental benefits it also doesn't track so you aren't always sweeping up after your cat, and it is lighter than conventional litter. Also, there is no dust cloud whenever you pour it, or whenever your cat uses it. This amazing litter will replace anything else you've used before.
- 100% eco-friendly
- 100% recyclable & biogegradable
- NO dust
- NO tracking - to keep your place clean
- Super absorbent for better odor control
- Lightweight - easy to carry
- Suitable for small animal beddings

For best results, pour litter 2 to 4cm deep into the tray, remove solid waste
every day. Top-up if needed with fresh pellets, and completely replace at least once a week