Kong Classic Dog Toy for Pets

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Kong Classic Dog Toy for Pets

- Super bouncy
- Use with KONG treats and KONG Ziggies
- Keeps dogs busy and helps deter misbehavior
- Made in the USA of nontoxic, extremely durable natural rubber

This funny-shaped rubber chew packs a huge play value into a small-dog-sized package. Legendary among dog lovers for their strength and durability, Kong toys are the answer to a busy pet owner's prayers. Dogs were made to hunt, chase, and gnaw, and denied a way to satisfy these natural urges, they can turn into barkers, diggers, problem chewers, or worse. Recommended by vets and trainers for dogs with separation anxiety, the Kong has a hollow interior that's ideal for stuffing with treats.

Use peanut butter or soft cheese like glue to keep biscuits inside, and extracting the contents becomes a "hunt" to keep any pooch happy and busy all workday long. Dogs love the toys' goofy, unpredictable bounce and can chase, fetch, and play for hours. Chewing Kongs even helps promote strong jaws, clean teeth, and general oral health.

Often imitated but never equalled, Kongs are made in the USA from a thick, flexible rubber that's non-toxic, non-splintering, and puncture-resistant enough to stand up to even the strongest jaws. This red Tuffy is appropriate for the smallest dogs, including miniature dachsunds, toy poodles, and Yorkshire terriers; size up (and/or switch to a super-durable black Kong) for aggressive chewers.

Regularly inspect your Kong for cracks or missing chunks, and replace worn or damaged toys to avoid a choking hazard.
Specification : Measures 4-1/2-inch height for Large / Measures 3-1/2-inch height for medium / Measures 3 inches by 1-3/4 inches, for dogs 1 to 20 pounds (Small)