Marukan Hamster Cheese and Vegetables Sandwich Treats

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Marukan Hamster Cheese and Vegetables Sandwich Treats

Contains vegetables and carrots and cheese blended into one.

The kneaded biscuits stick to carrots and other vegetables and cheese,

* To be mixed with your furkid's staple food when feeding.

* Suitable for small animals such as Hamsters

Ingredients: Calcium, enzyme carbonic leavening agent flavoring extract salt fermented soybean protein, wheat and rice germ powder Spinach powder sugar, flour, shortening cheese carrot carbonate leavening agent Ca enzyme flavoring soy germ fermented rice powder extract spinach cheese.

Analysis: Crude protein: more than 8.1% crude fat: 7.3 percent more crude fiber: less than 4.0% Crude Ash: 2.5% Moisture: less energy 5.0%: 417kcal per 100g

Product Specifications: W90mm x D40mm x H140mm