Marukan Hamster Strawberry Sandwich Treats

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Marukan Hamster Strawberry Sandwich Treats

Strawberry flavoured biscuits. Kneaded biscuits stick with unique strawberry taste to become a favourite to your squirrel or hamsters.Well baked sandwich biscuits with fresh strawberry paste.

* To be mixed with your furkid's staple food when feeding.

* Suitable for small animals such as Hamster

Ingredients: Calcium, enzyme carbonic leavening agent flavoring extract salt fermented soybean protein, wheat and rice germ powder Spinach powder sugar, flour, cheese carrot carbonate leavening agent Ca · enzyme flavoring soy germ fermented rice powder, strawberry

Analysis: Crude protein: more than 7.5% crude fat: 11.5 percent more crude fiber: less than 1.9% Crude Ash: 5.5% Moisture: less energy 5.0%

Product Specifications: W90mm x D40mm x H140mm