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Nugi Plus Pee Tray With Pee Pad

by Nugi
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Nugi Plus Pee Tray With Pee Pad

The NUGI Plus Pee Tray with Pee Pad is the solution for pet owners who have been frustrated because their puppy tracks all over the house after using a conventional pee pad. This creates odors and mess that have to be cleaned up, but not with NUGI Plus. The urine is absorbed in a lower area of the NUGI Pad and your dog won't be able to shred it because it has a locking knob.

No more wet paws and no more cleanup. This product is comparable to the Yogi, but is is a much better design. Dogs like to chew on the locking mechanism of the locking tray of the Yogi, but the design of the NUGI pad prevents that from happening and ensures that your NUGI Plus lasts for a long time. There aren't even any areas for teething puppies to chew on so the design is superior to the Yogi by far.

1. Place NUGI-PLUS on the floor where the puppy is kept.
2. In case of doggy-doo, simply detach the upper plate dump it into the toilet or throw it away.
3. In case of puppy-pee, remove the upper plate.
4. Fill NUGI-PLUS with water, let it sit for 2 minutes, repeat 3-4 times.
5. To drain, stick vinyl side of NUGI-PAD on to the bathroom wall.

1. Replace the new pad every 50-60 days.
It depends on how often your dogs uses the pad and how often you clean it.
2. Don't tear NUGI-PAD out. Just use it as it is.
3. Don't use strong detergent when you wash the NUGI-PAD.
Ignore a little bit of pee smell, it attracts your dog to come to use NUGI-PLUS.
4. Keep out of the heat.
Specifications : 47cm X 54cm