PawFlex MediMitt Covers

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PawFlex MediMitt Covers

• PawFlex disposable bandages are the quickest and easiest bandages to use; no cutting, pulling or peeling, just press to secure or lift to release

•Quick double catch Velcro-type fastening system catches twice instead of once. Helps adjust and disperse tension; can be adjusted & readjusted

•Duel strap specifically designed to bend with, flex & mold to Joints and leg at any angel with absolute comfort & ease yet maintains a secure hold

•PawFlex unique non-slip grip feature assures minimum slippage even on the most active dogs. Bandage stays in place

•Non-adhesive means absolutely no fur pulling or skin ripping; making Pawflex the most comfortable & hassle free pet bandages on the market today

Comes in a packet of 2 plastic covers.

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