Pawtect Flea n Tick Prevention for small to medium Size Pets

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Pawtect Flea n Tick Prevention for small to medium Size Pets

For Pets from 800gm to 15Kg

Helping Your Pet :
•Effectively repells fleas, ticks and mosquitos
•Supports a healthy skin and coat
•Protects your pet for up to 24 months*
•Assists with natural health balance
•Minimises/eliminates skin irritations and allergies
•Improves and strengthens your pet’s immune system
•Encourages a naturally calm and content demeanour

The Pawtect pendants use a proprietary bio-energetic process combining homeopathic principles, and advanced computer technology. The Pawtect pendants work with your pets unique energy to strengthen their immune system and create a frequency barrier that repels fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s and support your animals health.

In collaboration with a committed team and scientists the technology behind Pawtect is the result of more than 10 years of targeted research. This holistic energetic approach combines the knowledge of Eastern medicine with advanced Western technology and has been successfully used in Europe for many years to enhance human health and wellness.

Pawtect pendants are driven by technology rather than having a list of ingredients as with the chemical or other applications. The technology has been in use in Europe for over 10yrs with people and for the past four with animals, primarily cats and dogs.
Content : The technology behind the Pawtect pendant is a unique bio-energetic frequency combination which has been designed to control fleas, ticks and mosquito’s. This is achieved in two ways –
1) Scientists have proven that each bug has a different frequency which repels it. The specific repelling frequencies for fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s have been incorporated into the computer program which then codes the Pawtect units.
2) In addition to the frequencies for the bugs the developers of the technology utilise homeopathic principles (like cures like) and the frequency of key homeopathic remedies to naturally support the animals immune system to encourage their best possible health.
The pendants and powder are programmed with the unique frequency combination and vibration researched to repel fleas, ticks, sandflies and mosquito’s and support optimal health. As homeopathy and flower essences retain the vibration of the original substance [even though the original matter is no longer present], the Pawtect retains the imprint of of the frequency programming remaining effective for up to *24months.