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Provizor Optivizor For Dogs

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Provizor Optivizor For Dogs

Provisor International’s Optivisor for dogs is the leading alternative on the market to the Elizabethan Collar. It is more comfortable, and allows for ease of movement and regular activities will not be disrupted. Especially suited for dogs who have just undergone surgical treatments to their eyes.

It comes in a clear version, a tinted version, a meshed version, and a meshed AND tinted version to best suit your dog.
The Optivisor is available in six sizes to fit any breed of dog except short snouted dogs (ie. pugs, boxers) and long snouted dogs (ie. whippet, greyhound), who instead should purchase the Optivisors for short snouted dogs and long snouted dogs.
Comes in Mini to X Large. See picture for sizing