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SynergyLab Xtreme Catnip Leaf for Cats

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SynergyLab Xtreme Catnip Leaf for Cats

“More crazy fun than any other catnip!” guaranteed. Our 100% natural catnip leaf is cultivated by a world renowned grower of herbs in the high altitudes of North America. High altitudes foster larger concentrations of catnip oil resulting in extreme potency. Also available is our Super Concentrated Catnip Spray with no mess and no clean up. Spray it on anything and watch the crazy fun begin.


Rub catnip between your hands to release the oils. Offer the catnip loose, in a stock, in a toy, or rub it on a scratching post. Use no more than a few times per week for maximum kitty fun. Do not store in direct sunlight.
Ingredients : 100% Catnip