VitaKraft Cat Grass

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VitaKraft Cat Grass

Vitakraft cat grass is a grow your own grass mix containing selected, highly germinable special seeds with high levels of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Cat Grass stimulates digestion and helps cats to cough up hairballs in their stomachs.

A premium food supplement which grows in enriched mineral soil without any chemical additives and is loved by all cats.

This quality seed mix will allow you to feed your pet fresh, natural greenery at any time of the year.

Specification : Fill at least 3 cm cat litter in the litter box.

Remove faeces regularly.

Replace the entire cluster after about 4 weeks.

Disposal of used litter in the compost bin.

Tip for conversion: If necessary.

Mix in the previous cat litter (lower) with Magic Clean (upper layer).