Wild Sanko Supplement Papaya Enzyme for Small Animals

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Wild Sanko Supplement Papaya Enzyme for Small Animals

(Translated from Japanese)

There could be hair ball accumulated in the stomach of the rabbit when swallowed hair exhaled is done without grooming.

Normal digestion and excretion and the hair bulb is stuck in gastroenteritis, In severe cases, it may lead to death

For the prevention of hair balls in general, exercise and adequate, supply of water is essential that high-fiber diet and plenty.

They enhance the movement of the intestine, so speed the food through the digestive tract, Things to help prevent hair accumulation in the stomach and swallowed.

The green papaya is sugar lipidolytic proteolytic degradation has been known for many things that contain ingredients such action can be expected. Papaiyasapuri the ingredients of Papaya can easily supply the blue, in the belly, and break down the proteins that make the hair ball configuration, helping to burn fat, Helps digestion and healthy activities.

Ingredients : Cereal, Skim milk, Sucrose, cellulose, Oligosaccharide, Xylitol , processed papaya and carrot powder