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Yogi Toilet Tray For Dogs - Large

by Yogi
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Yogi Toilet Tray For Dogs - Large

When puppy urinates at "YOGI", the urine falls into the hole of upper plate, paws of puppy are not stained with urine, so can keep dried & healthy paws.

Also, when went to stool, you can separate the upper plate simply and treat faeces cleanly, also in cleaning, you can clean it conveniently.

You can prevent pet dog from biting off the pad.

After separating the upper plate, you can spread pad or paper and then use.

On the upper plate, large & small holes are designed with bone pattern.

On the lower plate, there is projection suitable for fixing the upper plate.

On both upper & lower plates, there are projection & hole, and when pet dog bites only one side and raised, it can not be separated.

On the lower plate, there prevention rubber from sliding is attached.


• Paper or pad is most used for pet's faeces
• Then, by being stained on pet's paws, can make the bottom dirty or spoil new clothes.
• Also, it can be exposed to the danger of eczema
• So, "YOGI" bathroom is planned
• Please use "YOGI"
• Family becomes pleasant

Specifications : 54cm(W) x 80cm(L) x 35cm(H)