Zenith BowWow Puppy Dry Dog Food

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Zenith BowWow Puppy Dry Dog Food

Grain Free for puppies

- Protect against risk of disease by strengthening the immune system
- Supply sufficient nutrients for puppies to grow
- Highly digestible and anti diarrhoea food

Helps maintain clear skin and shiny coat with minerals such as Omega 3, 6 fatty acid and lecithin.

Easily digested - soft textured semi moist feed

Ingredients : Chicken breast (fresh), Chicken meal, brown rice, oats, B-glucan (B-1,3-1.6 glucan), vegetable lactobacillius, lecithin, salmon Oil, (EPA,DHA), Chicken oil, calcium carbonate, sunflower seed oil, natural antibiotics (medium chain fatty acid, coconut oil), yucca extract, L-carnitine, Lysine, dietary fiber (levan), complex vitamins and minerals (vit A, D3, E, B3, B1, B5, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium), natural emulsifier, monascus color

Nutrient Value Crude Protein min 30% Crude Fat min 12% Calcium min 1.4% Phosphorus min 1.2% Crude Ash min 9% Crude Fiber min 4%