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5 Natural Alternatives to Fighting Fleas and Ticks

5 Natural Alternatives to Fighting Fleas and Ticks

5 Natural Alternatives to Fighting Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are the mortal enemies of dogs (and even humans), especially if the weather gets too hot for comfort. They are also not very easy to kill because an adult flea can live for months and sometimes, pesticides are not enough to get rid of them.

Here are 5 natural alternatives you can use to fight fleas and ticks:

1. Give Your Dog A Good Bath

Water is a good way to get rid of fleas because they cannot hold on to hair shafts tightly due to their feature. If you put your dog under running water, the fleas will fall off and drown. For better results, use pet shampoo and a brush to get rid of the extra fleas that stuck in your dog’s body.

2. Clean Your Home

To stop the spread of fleas around the house, regularly wash your furniture covers and pet beds, as well as disinfect the floors. Make sure that you throw away the vacuum bag or any other cleaning tools you used because fleas can still live in them.

3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Another method is to use Apple Cider Vinegar. Fleas and ticks hate the smell and the taste so it does a great job at repelling them away from your pets. It is simple to make: you just need to add an equal part of the vinegar to water.

4. Introduce Flea Predators In The Garden

If you have a big garden where your dog likes to play in, why not add flea predators in it to stop fleas from growing in your home? Worms eat flea larvae while ladybugs can eat big fleas. Make sure to buy them at your local gardening centre so you get the right type of worms and ladybugs for your flea problem.

5. Use Special Collars Or Pendants

Finally, you can use special collars or pendants with special properties to help your dog repel fleas. Some pet collars and collar pendants come with natural oils which naturally repels fleas. A good example of this is Pawtect Anti Flea and Tick Pendant, which uses bio-energy to repel flea and ticks. This is particularly useful if you suspect that the fleas and ticks come from public areas when you bring your pooch for a walk.

Fleas and ticks can be hard to combat, but with these alternatives, you can prevent them from growing and giving grief to you and your pet. Especially with the humid weather like Singapore, if one is not careful, you may just allow fleas and ticks to manifest in your home!
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