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How to Stop My Cat from Scratching My Furniture

How to Stop My Cat from Scratching My Furniture

Cats scratching house furniture is often a problem for some cat owners because of the damage they leave in them. Sometimes, the damage is too much and they will need to replace these priceless pieces. Why do cats scratch furniture? Is it something we should be worried about?

Why do cats scratch things?

There are at least four possible reasons why cats tend to scratch their nails in various surfaces.

First, it is a way for them to communicate with others and indicate that it is their territory. The scent glands on their paws will leave a specific scent that marks it as their territory.

Second, it is likely because they are feeling stressed or conflicted for some reason. Cats would scratch things to get rid of that feeling and often times, you will see how deep the scratches are.

Third, it is a way for cats to unwind after a nap and the same can also be said after they play. In both instances, cats will burn off excess energy as they think what they will do next. It is also a way to unwind for these cats.

Finally, cats may scratch surfaces to help keep their claws sharp and pristine. Scratching can help remove old nails and improve nail growth. It is not uncommon to see cats with very beautiful nails after they scratch surfaces.

How to get my cat to stop scratching my furniture?

Regardless of what reason your cat has in scratching your furniture, it is crucial you teach them how to scratch in places you want them to. Here are some techniques to get them to stop scratching your furniture.

1. Put some double-side tape on your furniture or use fabrics to cover them. Using double-sided tape, in particular, will catch your cat's paws and give them a hard time to remove their paws on the surface. Placing scratching boards like the Kong Inclined Cat Scratcher near your cat’s scratching areas will help to divert the attention from the furniture unto the board.
2. You can introduce to your cats’ alternative places to scratch. There are scratching posts available like the Pet Rebels Maine 90. These scratching posts are made from the same material that catches a cat's attention and causes them to develop an urge to scratch it.
3. Reinforcing the idea of scratching in scratching posts or horizontal scratchers can also help you out. You can give them treats like the Food For the Good Salmon Treats for Cats to get them to behave. Using reinforcement will also give your cats an idea that if they use the scratching posts, they will get rewarded.
4. You can also get the Feliway Spray which you can calm your cat. This will ensure that your furry little one feels relax. 

Final thoughts?

Getting your cat to stop scratching furniture is not something you should do haphazardly. If you just shout at them, it will only make things worst between you and your pet. They may even continue scratching furniture even if they stop when you scold them.

Be patient in introducing the idea to your pets and introduce alternatives. With time, your cats will turn their attention on these scratching alternatives rather than your furniture.
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