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How to Enhance Immunity for My Pet

How to Enhance Immunity for My Pet

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our pets are always healthy and safe from health risks that can lower their immunity. When their immune system weakens even slightly, it increases their risk of viral infections, immune disorders and even deadly diseases like cancer.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pets in tip-top shape and keep their immune system strong regardless of their breed. To get you started, here are great tips that will help you enhance your pets’ immunity:

1. Exercise Through Play

If you want your pet to have a robust immune system, you need to help them stay active. The best way to keep your pets busy is by active play, even for just 30 minutes. You will also benefit from vigorous exercise as it is good for your health.

2. Healthy Diet

Aside from an active lifestyle, a healthy diet can also help your pets become stronger. Consider what kind of pet food you are giving your pets, and pick ones with high nutrients that can help with their immune system. You should also consider the right portions for your pet's breed to help maximize their benefits.

If your vet recommends it, you can combine your pet’s food with supplements - like the Neuolac Supplement for Dogs and Cats or Caho Supplement - into your pet’s food to make it easier for them to eat it.

3. Add Supplements

You can also consider adding supplements to your pet's diet, especially if they are older or have health problems. Ask your vet if you can give your pets supplements to help their health and ask them what dosage is ideal for your pet's breed and age.

Another great supplement you can ask your pet's vet about is the Augustine Approved Superboost Original Supplement for Dogs and Cats, a popular choice for most pawrents.

4. Fresh And Clean Water Only!

You should also give your pets fresh and clean water only because some illnesses can be borne from water bacteria. Make sure that their water bowl is always filled to the brim, so they have access to fresh water at any time.

Some supplements, like the Jean-Paul Nutraceuticals Superbiolite Plus Immuno XT Set for Dogs and Cats, can be added to the water directly. Once it settles, the supplement will increase the nutrient level in the water and make it easier for your pets to take it in.

5. Reduce Vaccinations

You can speak to your pet's vet if it's ok to reduce the pet's vaccination as much as possible. This is because there have been studies where vaccines trigger immune disorders for pets as a side effect. 

For yearly vaccination reviews, always get a titer test to see if your pet would really need a vaccination. 

6. Reduce Their Stress Levels

Stress is also hazardous to a pet's health, much like how it is to humans. Try to do your best to reduce the stress your pets are experiencing in your home and public spaces.

Stress can cause constipation in pets, and they may not fully digest their food and may cause congestion in the large intestine. If your pet is experiencing daily discomfort, such as indigestion, supplements like Maxxipaws Digest will help regulate bowel movements.

7. Visit The Vet Regularly

Finally, you can regularly check with your pet's vet as part of your pet's health journey. They will be able to check your pet's health and recommend the best ways to help with their overall health.

If you want your pets to live a long life, you need to make an effort to help them achieve that goal. Through these steps, you can improve your pet's immunity well and give them the chance to explore more of the world with you.

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