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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

Like humans, joint pain is a problem dogs experience as they grow older. As they keep moving, their joints would slowly become worn out and it can lead to constant pain and injury. Large dog breeds are prone to arthritis and other joint-related problems because of their extra weight.

It is difficult to determine if your dog is already exhibiting signs of joint problems. But, if you notice that they are slowing down or become reluctant to move at all, you need to step in.

While you cannot completely treat the problem, you can slow its progression with these five ways that can help keep their joints healthy:


Many veterinarians and pet owners swear by the benefits of regular exercise to a dog's health. But, since your dog is now having joint and muscle problems, you can introduce new exercises like swimming and short walks that will still give them the movement they need. Make sure they do not move too much or jump so their joints won't be too forced.


Just like exercise, diet is a good measure to ensure your dog is in tip-top shape and it is also a good treatment. For dogs who cannot move much, a diet is important because they are heavier than before due to less movement. Supplements from brands like NaturVet, Nautral Vet and Kala Health can be added to the diet to can help dogs get vitamins and minerals they can no longer get easily.

Change their Environment

When our dogs start to display signs of aging, we must make them feel comfortable. Change their bedding to something more comfortable, like a memory foam bed. You can also put up ramps on beds or cars so they can go to them easily.

Get Their Injuries Treated

Some dogs can get injuries that are not fully treated. Some may even come at a surprise for pet owners because you may not know when they got them. If you suspect that your dog is feeling something or if they recently had an injury, get your vet to give them a thorough checkup.

Give Them Some Extra Love

Finally, your dogs will need special love and attention now that they could no longer move like before. Try to give them a needed hug and spend time with them. You can also give them a massage, which can help with circulation and mobility. Dogs love affection and as they grow older, they need more affection to get over the changes they are feeling.

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