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How to Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Dog

How to Choose the Right Brush or Comb for Your Dog

For some pet owners, pet grooming can be a nightmare. You have to make sure every part of your pet's fur is free from any tangles and brushing it regularly.

However, you can make things simple by purchasing the right brush for your pet. It will definitely make things faster and more enjoyable for you and your pet.

So, what are your available options?

For pet brushes, there are at least three brush types pet owners can choose from. Usually, it is ideal to pick one that is perfect for your pet's coat and its length. It must also fit the coat of your dog. There are also brushes which are used for certain occasions, such as the time when your dog has matted fur.

Here are the types of brushes you can buy:

Bristle Brushes

If you want an all-around brush for any pet, regardless of coat type, you should get a bristle brush. Bristle brushes come in various bristle lengths and spacings.

If your pet has a longer coat, you must purchase a bristle brush that has wider spaces and longer bristles. If your pet has coarse fur, you should get one with a stiff bristle.

Want a good example of a bristle brush you can get for your pet? Why not ask for the Artero Complements Pet Grooming Rubber Mitt?

Wire-Pin Brushes

If you have a pet that has curly or wooly coats, or medium to long fur, wire-pin brushes are for them.

These brushes come with rubber-tipped pin to protect the pet as they are getting brushed. There are wire-pin brushes with no rubber tips available for those who are ok with no rubber tips.

Slicker Brushes

If you want to get rid of your pet's mats and tangles faster and easier, slicker brushes are your best bet. Thanks to its fine bristles, it can slide in your pet's fur easily.

Two good examples of brands to check out if you plan to purchase one for your pet are FerPlast Brush Slicker for Dog, Cat and Rabbit and Mikki Easy Clean Small Slicker for Pets.


If you want to massage your pet's skin and remove dead hair at the same time, you can get a rubber curry comb for them. If your pet has mats, a matbreaker or a rake is your best bet.

Of course, you should also check if your pet likes it because they may find combs better than brushes. Take your cues from your dog as you groom them because they can tell you where to brush and how to brush them. Even if they can't tell you how to brush them, watching their actions can make a difference in grooming them.

In Summary

Like human hair, your pet's fur must always be groomed to keep it sleek, shiny and free from any mats and tangles. If it is left unsorted, it can cause your pet to experience complications caused by mats and tangles.

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