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Golden Tips: Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Your Pet

Golden Tips: Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Your Pet

If you own a pet, you definitely cringe when it comes to bath time. Dogs, in particular, tend to find water uncomfortable and will definitely do their best to run away when they hear bath time.

Stressed pets can be hard to calm down, especially if they are forced to do something they hate. Since bath time must be done regularly, you will need to find ways to make things less stressful for both of you.

If you don't know where to start, here are some golden tips which will help make your pet's bath time less stressful for both you and your pet:

1. Prepare properly

Before you give your pet a bath, you need to make sure everything is ready for the activity. Make sure everything you need is near you so you don't have to run around and give your pet an opportunity to run.

Aside from your pet's shampoo and towel, put down a non-slip mat so your pet is more secure as you give them their bath.

2. Give your pet a brushing

To make things easier for you to give your pet a bath, why not give them a brushing first?

Brushing them before bath time removes the tangles and any large dirt that may be difficult to remove when they are wet. Brushing also helps calm down your pet before they get into the bath.

3. Let your pet play before and after taking a bath

Dogs have a lot of energy, which is why they are always eager to run around. Let them play before their bath time so they can release all that energy.

When you give them a bath, they can cool down from their play time. It will also tire them out so they won't move around too much when you give them a bath.

Once the bath is finished, let them play for a bit so they know they can expect something good each time you call them for bath time.

4. Give them treats

Dogs need motivation most of the time if you want them to do something they usually do not want to do. You can give them treats before and after the bath.
You can also use their favorite bath toys nearby so they are distracted as you give them a bath.

5. Bathe them properly

You don't just give your dog a quick dip to get them clean. You need to know the right way to give them a bath so they won't associate bath time with bad bathing.

Do it wrong and your dog will not change their mind about bath time. If your dog has sensitive skin, try Mipuchi Hypoallergenic Coconut Lime & Manuka Honey Natural Pet Shampoo

Some things you can do is change the water temperature to keep it at room temperature. You should also wash them and take care in not putting soap suds or water from their eyes and ears since they are very sensitive.

Once you are done, rinse and dry their body properly. Make sure to dry their fur accordingly based on their coat. If you don't have time to give your dog a complete bath, use dry shampoos like the Natural Pet Ultra Coat Dry Shampoo for Dogs.

Bath time is a great bonding opportunity for you and your pet if you do it properly. We hope that the tips above will help you out and make bathing your pet fun and fuss-free!

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