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Different Types of Cat Litters Available

Different Types of Cat Litters Available

For every cat owner, a good cat litter must be set up for your pet. Every cat litter differs from one another and some may not even be favorable to your pet.

There are many types of cat litter available and it can be difficult to choose which one is best. If you are not familiar with the types of cat litter that you can buy, check out our list below.

1. Clumping litter

Clumping litter is the most popular type of cat litter available. It contains aluminum phyllosilicate clay bentonite, which causes litter to clump. This component also absorbs cat urine, preventing it to smell around the house. It is also very easy to clean since you only need to scoop it up and dispose it.

Unfortunately, it can cause tracks once your cat finishes using it and it is quite expensive. If your little cat is still a kitten, this isn't the right cat litter for them.

A good example of clumping litter you can buy is the Neo Clean Cat Advance Sodium Bentonite Litter

2. Non-clumping clay-based

If you don't like clumps, a non-clumping litter may be your best choice. This type of cat litter is the oldest cat litter ever used and any cat can use it.

Like clump litter, non-clumping litter is also absorbent and can reduce odor once it is used. It is more wallet friendly too.

The only problem with this litter is the fact you do need to change it completely before your cat uses it again. It can also get slightly smelly once you do change it.

3. Non-tracking litter

If you don't want any tracks from your cat's litter box, a non-tracking litter must be in your list. Like dust-free litter, it claims that it will reduce the chances of tracking once your cat is done using the litter box.

4. Dust-free litter

If you do not want your cat to leave any dirt behind after they use their litter box, getting a dust-free litter is your solution. It will help improve air quality in the area of the litter box, making it easy to use for your cat and easy to clean. It is also eco-friendly and able to absorb odor easily.

Unfortunately, this cat litter is very expensive. You may even find yourself asking if it was worth the price.

5. Biodegradable litter

If you want to help out the environment, a biodegradable cat litter is available for your pet. They can be made from wheat, corn, grass seed, paper, wood shavings and bamboo. Aside from being eco-friendly, some biodegradable litter types are very affordable.

However, it is important to take note that some cats may be allergic to the ingredients used for these litters. You will need to check with your vet before you use it. It can also be a hit and miss because not all biodegradable litter types can do the job well.

BreederCelect Recycled Paper Cat Litter and Cature Eco Friendly Wood Clumping Sensitive Litter are great biodegradable litters to start with.

6. Silica crystal litter

Silica crystal cat litter looks like regular sand when you look at it. But, this sand is unique because it contains sodium silicate, which can absorb up to 40x liquid weight and reduce odor. They are quite colorful and the colors change to indicate if you need to change the litter box.

Unfortunately, you will need to change the litter box in full once it is full. Sometimes, leaks can seep through the floor.

7. Scented Litter

If you want your cat's litter box to smell great even when it is used by your pet, scented litter should be in your list. Artificial scent agents are infused in this cat litter to release scents.

While the scent is great and very affordable, cats may not like the scents too much. It may also become overbearing that even you can't clean it well. Allergic reactions may also be triggered.


When you are shopping for cat litter, make sure that you know what each type does and what you think your pets would like. You should also let your cat adjust to the new litter box if you are switching their old one to a new one.

Remember, your cat will use the litter box and if they are not happy, you will be one unhappy cat owner.
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