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What Type of Food Treats & Supplements Should I Feed Senior Dogs

What Type of Food Treats & Supplements Should I Feed Senior Dogs

As our dogs get older, you would notice that they easily gain a lot of weight. No matter how much exercise you give them or sort out their diet, it seems that the extra weight won’t go away. They also start to lose interest in doing their favorite activities and eating.

Once our dogs reach their senior age or 9 years and older, their eating habits may see changes and adjustment to their meals maybe needed.

What Nutritional Needs Do They Need?

Your senior dog will require low-calorie diets to prevent the onset of obesity. Obesity is a major cause of death for many senior dogs because their metabolism is much slower than before.

It is also recommended that you give them high-fiber diets to protect their gastrointestinal system and keep it healthy. Feeding of Prebiotics, Probiotics like Maxxipaws MaxxiDigest Prebiotics Probiotics Supplement for DogsNatural Pet Bio-3 Pre & Pro Powder (Flavor Free) for Dogs Cats are good examples. It keeps the gut healthy and the overall being would also be maintain. 

Many brands now cater dog foods for senior dogs. Experts say that these dog foods are recommended because they are already formulated to fit senior dogs and they have low calories.

If you want to give them snacks, it should be low-fat, healthy and have low sodium content. Ideally, vegetables and fruit like blueberries are recommended.

Freeze dried treats like Nutreats green lip mussel dog treats which is all-natural is good for senior dogs.

How About Supplements?

For many older dogs, they suffer from joint pains and arthritis, which can be caused by their body weight. Some dog foods for seniors try to address this by including chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine in the mix.

For owners who want to support what their dogs are eating, vets are also recommending giving them joint care supplements like Kala Health Arthrix Plus Joint Care. or Maxxipaws MaxxiFlex Joint Supplement

Owners should not give dogs the human equivalent of joint supplements because it may affect their health.

Some joint supplements like the Natural Pet Advance Joint Care Formula can also help your dogs get instant relief from joint pains and can also help with injuries because it can slow down joint degeneration.

If your dog has problems with their urinary tract due to their age, you should try giving them supplements like the Dermoscent Uti Zen Cranberry for Dogs Cats and Pets. This specific supplement will provide relief for your dogs and it is also an antioxidant to reduce the onset of further problems.

What Should I Do If They Won’t Eat?

If your senior dog won’t eat, check with your dog’s vet if your pets have other underlying health issues that may affect their health. Should your dog ignore their dry food, you can add water or broth in them or a small part of canned food to get their interest.

As pet owners, we must always take good care of our pets, especially when they grow older. Remember, your dogs can’t tell you if something is wrong with them so you have to be vigilant and adapt once they show health problems due to their age. Always check with your veterinarian before you introduce new foods to your old dogs because they can help you and your dog adjust.

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