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Things You Need When Getting A Rabbit

Things You Need When Getting A Rabbit

Rabbits are a favorite pet choice for families with little children because they are very cute and fluffy. Like other pets, you must have their necessities on hand before getting one for your family to help them feel at home.

But, what exactly do you need to get? Here is a short list of things you need to get for your new pet rabbit:

1. Home

You will need to get a home for your rabbit to serve as their pen or play area when you are not around. You can check Back2Nature for their bedding for rabbits if you have no idea what kind of homes are available for your rabbit.

2. Water and Food Bowl

Ideally, you should get heavy crocks to serve as their feeding area. Hay, like the Oxbow Timothy Hay, must have their own container for easy access.

3. Carrier

If you are bringing your rabbit out for a walk or to the vet, you should get a non-collapsible and hard-sided carrier for them. There must be a blanket inside so they will be comfortable and the opening must open at front so they can escape during emergencies.

4. Litter Box

The size of the litter box depends on the space you will be allotting for your rabbit and experts recommend having two: one inside your rabbit’s home and outside. Make sure to clean it regularly because they tend to become dirty fast.

5. Rabbit-friendly Litter

When buying litter for your rabbit’s litter box, it must not be made from softwoods or clay because it may be hard for your pets to use. We recommend the organic Breederscelect that is great for all sorts of pets, including rabbits.

6. Treats

When having rabbits, you must have healthy treats for them to eat in certain times. Bunny Nature Treats offers great rabbit treats.

7. Hay

Hay is also a must in every rabbit’s diet because it can help with their appetite and must always be available fresh. One of the best brands you can try out for your rabbit’s hay needs is the American Pet Diner Alfalfa Hay.

8. Vegetables

Veggies are a staple to every rabbit’s diets, especially carrots. If you want to have some on hand when you are not on your grocery run, Momi Treats offers frozen vegetable and fruit treats for pets.

9. Toys

You definitely need to give your rabbits toys to keep them busy because if they don’t, they may chew your furniture and other things lying around.

10. Cleaning and Grooming Supplies

Rabbits also require the right grooming and cleaning tools to keep them healthy. Some of the basic supplies you need to have ready are a brush, nail clippers, flea powder and a broom.


Like owning other pets, rabbits require the right pet materials and food to help them settle nicely at home. If you need more advice about the things you need to prepare for your pets, ask us for assistance. We are more than happy to help.
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